31 Delicious Vegan Substitutions To Make ANY Recipe More Compassionate

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Great for any meal - even dessert!

First things first: someone who eats vegan doesn't consume any animal products at all. A vegetarian, as you probably know, doesn't eat meat like steak, pork, or chicken, but will consume non-meat animal products like cheese or eggs. A vegan, on the other hand, eats exclusively foods that had nothing to do with an animal, ever. That means no meat of any kind, no cheese, no eggs, no milk, no butter, and no ice cream. For some people, going vegan is a choice for their health - maybe they feel better in their body when they choose a vegan diet. For others, it's a choice made in solidarity with our animal friends, since the factory farming and dairy industries are undeniably pretty messed up. Some people just eat vegan on certain days of the week or for certain meals to help reduce their environmental impact. People choose to eat vegan for lots of reasons!

Whatever your reason is, there are plenty of ways to adjust the things you already eat to be more vegan-friendly. Do you know what seed works instead of eggs in many baked goods? Or what plant-based substitute for whipped cream is actually amazing? Read on to find out how to increase your vegan-ness! Get Started